Thanks to several thousands of videos realised every year, Mind Sport Prod is one of the european leader of video editing on the market. Today, we have become a reference for sport and outdoor professionals.

Mind Sport Prod has developped video editing automation solutions in order to provide to each participant a qualitative low cost memory of the activity. Recreation, sport, tours or playful activities, these moments will be immortalized in a durable and easy to share video.

Founded in 2012, Mind Sport Prod was initially no more than another company working in promotional video production. But today, we have developped sharp and complete solutions to realise and broadcast souvenir videos in less than 48 hours. Skiing, paragliding, mountain biking, rafting, kitesurfing, diving or even trampoline, all activities are concerned.

Shots are define in advance to fit the activity so the instructor can realise the shooting quickly and easily, keeping its attention on his clients. Our passionate team processes the images, selects the best shots, add visual and sound effects and broadcast the final video to the clients via this interface.

We love seeing companies trying to find new ways to satisfy and bring fun to their clients. This is who Mind Sport Prod works. We create amazing memories to allow our clients to blossom and enrich their experiences.